Don’t you love those faces?

  • Go to our Advocate – Legislation website tab to tell your representative your views on life in the womb and born alive abortion survivors. It is important for us to communicate with our legislature at all levels so they know our position on the so important life issues.

I was with my friend, Janice, in Fort Myers Florida and she told me I just had to see this billboard. Fell in love with it instantly. We took a bunch of pictures and I had to share at least one. How true. Made in America and Heartbeat at 18 days. Could anything be more alive and beautiful? Be sure to thank the group who supports these billboards, ProLife across America and Lamar.

During a conversion or perhaps, reversion in faith, I learned what happens to the baby in the womb during an abortion. Friends had asked me to type their Respect Life Group booklet. There was a lot of medical information but then I began to type the abortion methods, what happens to that defenseless child in the womb. I can still remember what room I was in, what desk I was typing at and how I flinched and jumped in my chair as I read the descriptions of those procedures.

I hope this site will help everyone understand the dignity of the unborn and their need to be protected and respected.

This site will offer you information on legislation, organizations, prayer and will add more as requested or necessary. Please share this site with family and friends to Save Life in the Womb (and after birth).