What is an Abortion?

Jeremiah 1:5: Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…

I hope you will read this page last or not at all; that you will look at the development of a baby, see all the resources available, get an ultrasound, talk to someone at a Pregnancy Help Center or home or an Adoption Service and make the decision to give your baby life. There are organizations all across the country to help you.

But if you are still considering abortion, you need to know the truth. Here is a quote from former abortionist, Bernard Nathanson, who was directly responsible for over 60,000 abortions. “Repeating the big lie often enough, convinces the public. Catchy slogans, however false, reap great results. We laughed as we invented the word “choice” and “freedom of their bodies.” This great deception of Nathanson and abortion proponents has devastated America and left a path of innocent dead babies, nearly 61 million since 1973.

The description of abortion procedures made me jump and flinch in my chair while reading and typing them for a pro life group. Perhaps I finally realized that the child in the womb would flinch and jump during the abortion. Go to this website, Live Action, and watch the videos section. Abortion procedures, sex selective, late term abortions and more are there for you to learn what the truth is behind abortion – what happens to these defenseless babies in the womb.

New movies are out and coming that also show the truth about abortion. Gosnell the movie and coming March 22, Unplanned, the movie about Abby Johnson who left her job as a Director of a Planned Parenthood facility after participating in an abortion.

This is not a political message. It is not about what party you belong to. It’s about helping you understand the child you are carrying is a human being, a baby, who wants to grow in your womb from the moment of their conception. They want you to provide a loving home for them, whether your own or another family who is waiting with open arms for your baby. Your mother gave you life…it’s your turn now.

Remember there are people and places waiting to help you through this pregnancy.

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