Legislation – TAKE ACTION

Unplanned will be out soon this month. It is rated R. Have you thought about the irony? A 15 year old cannot attend the movie about abortion without a parent, but can have an abortion without their knowledge or consent. HUH???

Below is a list of websites to locate and contact your state and federal legislators. The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was blocked by 44 senators including all the presidential candidate. The House had a similar bill blocked.

Contact your US Representatives by email to tell them how you feel about their lack of support to save the lives of babies who survive an abortion. Children do survive abortion. See the Abortion Survivors Network. Give them a chance to live.

USA.GovThis list has contact info for federal, state and local representatives.

 If you prefer to call and leave a message, use the Susan B. Anthony List Action Center.

National Right to Life Committee for contact and email info.

NYS Catholic Conference is supporting a petition asking Governor Cuomo to repeal the RHA legislation. Sign your name and voice your opinion to let him know not all constituents support his legislative actions. Save the lives of the unborn.

This is what justice should look like.

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