Day of Mourning

I watched the Day of Mourning simulcast on Saturday. This was an event to repent for abortion. It wasn’t what I expected it would be but it was a strong reminder of the grief God must feel, the pain he suffers from 61,000,000 abortions. It also called all of us to recognize our own part in this, if we stood back and were quiet while abortion became law and the laws continued to stretch to inhumane proportions. I think that was probably part of my reaction to Gosnell. MY lack of action until it is almost too late. I say almost because I trust in God and have hope that if we pray, vote, contact our representatives, teach others the truth about human life from conception to natural death, He will hear our prayers and change the laws and the world. We all want peace in the world, but let’s first help bring peace to the unborn.