UnPlanned now Showing Nationwide

It was interesting this afternoon to catch a live video of a discussion panel including Abby Johnson and the directors of UnPlanned offered through EWTN. The video was filmed at Notre Dame University and will appear on EWTN videos in a day or two if you want to watch it or re-watch it.

They reminded us that UnPlanned is about Abby Johnson and her conversion but it can’t help but put a spotlight on abortion and Planned Parenthood. That is where Abby worked and rose on the corporate ladder until she saw an abortion – and realized the truth behind what she had been preaching to women for years.

This is a must see movie for pro lifers who have prayed, marched and fought for an end to abortion. It is a ray of hope for all their sacrifices.

This is a must see movie for those who would not have an abortion themselves but wouldn’t try to dissuade someone else who was abortion minded. It will strengthen their ideas and ideals to be an advocate for the unborn and learn to share the truth about abortion.

This is a must see movie for those who are abortion advocates or workers in the industry. It may not change the heart and mind of all, but it will present them with the truth about abortion, a view they may have never seen, as a defenseless child in the womb tries to avoid the instruments that mean sure death. This is a medical industry. Clinics providing abortion are not non profit agencies supporting women that the public is led to believe they are. The movie received an R rating. Why? There is no sex or bad language, only violence, the violence of abortion.

Take two hours and go see UnPlanned. It could mean the difference between a child in the womb living or dying: a child that could be a future leader, a scientist, a sports figure, your neighbor, your grandchild, your son or daughter.